Write to be Read

Inept communicate does more than make you look unprofessional. It can erode people's confidence in you, or your brand, and undo the hard work you have put into developing products or building relationships. Making your writing work for, not against, you, is a skill. Learn how to Write to Be Read today.

Keep people reading


No one has time to spend deciphering poorly put-together documents full of words that say nothing. If you want people to know about your great idea, amazing product or the ways you can solve their problem, you have to write in a way that keeps people reading.

9 signs you might need my help

  1. You write 20 words when 10 will do

  2. You use jargon words and corporate speak

  3. You spend hours agonizing over proposals

  4. You aren't achieving the outcomes you want from your written documents

  5. You aren't always clear about the target market for your document

  6. You aren't sure how to write in plain English

  7. You don't know how to edit your own work

  8. People don't always understand what you are trying to say in your writing

  9. English is your second language and you want to finesse your written communication

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Whether you want to learn how to create winning proposals, make more engaging web content, improve your funding proposals, gain better responses on social media, or edit your own work, we can tailor a Write to be Read workshop for you.


Work while you learn

Using templates and examples, including real working documents (so you can get some work done while you learn), you will learn the step-by-step processes I have used over more than a decade as a professional copywriter. This means your writing will become more targeted and convincing, so you get better results.


Immediate improvements

No matter the focus of your course, all participants walk away with a wealth of practical advice that will deliver immediate improvements to their writing.

individually tailored

people will talk

"Ruth’s generous, kind-hearted, lively and down-to-earth approach to writing eased first time workshoppers into the basics of writing while giving more experienced writers a greater understanding of what they needed to make their writing leap off the page. All left feeling more enthusiastic about writing."

Sarah Schmidt

Yarra Plenty Regional Library

“Ruth Clare is a passionate and engaging speaker who is at home presenting to, and engaging with, an audience."

Ray Tiernan

Senior Project Officer

Port Phillip City Council

"Ruth’s session was very inspiring and thought-provoking and the feedback we had from the more than twenty participants was fantastic."

Heidi Babatsikos

Whittlesea Library

what's your focus?

Choose from the units  below to bring the bring your Write to Be Read workshop into focus. Or contact Ruth to figure out the best workshop for you.


Winning Proposal Writing

  • knowing your target audience

  • researching

  • performing a needs analysis

  • masterful document planning

  • talk in benefits not features

  • writing in specifics rather than   generalities

  • persuasive and engaging writing

  • brilliant words and sentence construction

  • checking proposal readability

  • proofreading and editing

Engaging Report Writing

  • grabbing your readers from the start

  • breaking down information for clarity

  • the importance of headlines

  • clear document construction

  • techniques to keep people gripped

  • from jargon to plain english

  • keeping your reader in mind

  • excellent grammar

  • proofreading and editing

Business Writing Basics


  • logical structure of information

  • principles of clear writing

  • communicating within brand and style guidelines

  • remembering your audience

  • sentence and paragraph construction

  • professional and effective email

  • business letters that get results

  • spelling and grammar basics

  • every day email and document writing

  • increasing efficiency in your writing

  • the importance of plain English

Persuasive Writing Masterclass


  • what is persuasive writing?

  • defining target markets

  • the importance of plain English

  • choosing the best format to get the results you want

  • marketing documents #101

  • creating consistency and credibility

  • competitor research and benchmarking

  • brand analysis

  • editing your own work

  • copywriting basics

  • copywriting advanced

  • tone of voice

  • it's all about you

Writing for the Web

  • differences between print and electronic

  • how search engines work

  • fundamentals of good websites

  • writing for the web

  • search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • choosing keywords

  • customer focused writing

  • hierarchy of information

  • strategies to improve your ranking

  • google adwords basics

  • social media

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