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Every business is unique. Every audience is different. No matter if you are a small business, not-for-profit or corporation, I can find the words to strike the right chord.

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Not all small businesses operate at the same scale. Some need a copywriter who can create a complete marketing plan, work out the most effective channel to connect with audiences and stretch every cent of their marketing dollar.


Others have a designated marketing team and need a copywriter for a specific purpose like a new SEO website, series of ads or brochures.

No matter what the set up of your small business, I can tailor my services to fit.

Some small businesses I have written for include ASAP skincare, HMS Solutions, 321 Water, Fatfish design, Von Troska, Mono Design, Orano Apartments plus many more.


Not-for-profit organisations face specific communication problems that need a specialist response. Whether you are delivering a sensitive message to a diverse community, generating interest in a local event or winning hearts to gain support, I can help.

I am skilled at writing for culturally and liguistically diverse audiences of all abilities, and can make even the driest messages, more interesting and engaging.

Over the years I have worked with not-for-profit clients including CFA, The Butterfly Foundation, City of Darebin, City of Moreland, City of Knox, Northcote High School, Westgarth Primary School plus many more.


Regardless of your department, if you want to build consumer confidence in your company, every piece of corporate marketing needs to communicate the brand message consistently.

I am experienced in collaborating with marketing teams and graphic designers, working within stringent brand guidelines while still delivering messages that are warm and engaging.

I have written a diverse range of marketing material from direct mail letters to brochures to instruction manuals for mulitple divisions within Citibank as well as Aon Warranty Group and Medtronic.

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"Even when deadlines are tight, Ruth always delivers. She gets straight to the point and her frank advice as well as the effort she makes to understand your business adds to her strength as a copywriter."


Ee Lin SOH


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