Good copywriting is more than clever words. It shows people you understand their problems. It tells them how you, and only you, can help them out. No clever tricks. No fancy jargon. Simple words, real conversations.



Not all copy is created equal

Anyone can put words on a page. Some people can make those words sound good. Fewer know how to capture the essence of your business and win people's hearts.

No matter what your communication needs, Ruth can find the words that work.

- SEO websites

- marketing and business plans

- newsletters

- proposals

- business cases

- tenders

- pitch documents

- letters

- flyers and brochures

- posters

- educational materials

- advertisting

- editing

- social media

- all other business writing >>




I have been coming up with creative responses to business problems for over ten years. >>


I am also the award-winning author of the memoir Enemy, published by Penguin in 2016. >>



I am a TEDx, keynote and speaker on resilience, overcoming adversity, childhood trauma, domestic violence and the impacts of war on veterans and their families. >>



In addition to business writing, Ruth teaches creative writing workshops to audiences from primary school to high school through to adult levels. >>

"Ruth is strategic in her approach and brings a clarity and focus to projects that delivers outcomes beyond just good writing. For over ten years, she has been my first choice when any of my clients need copy." >>

Adrian Wood

Creative Director

Adrian Wood Design

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write to be read

Time to upskill your business writing?

Poor writing affects all aspects of business –  from time wasted wading through boring reports, to lost revenue from failed tenders to the fractious team relationships that can stem from ill- considered correspondence .


Write to be Read workshops are individually tailored to tackle your biggest communication challenges. >>



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